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Nomination process

The Certificates of Distinction are recognition by the International Congresses of Entomology and its Council of exemplary achievement in entomology.  They are also meant to foster future vigorous and creative study of insects by honoring: 

  1. Cross-disciplinary studies such as systematics and biodiversity, the experimental study of ecosystems, animal behavior, evolution, or developmental biology;

  2. Practical aspects such as sustainable agriculture and food security, environmental quality and pollution, and new resources for medical and other applications;

  3. Achievements in developing countries that contribute to preserving unique and valuable ecosystems and environments, and in societies facing crucial environmental decisions that will affect the entire globe.  

Selection Criteria

  1. Contributions to fundamental knowledge of central relevance to other disciplines of science, and of relevance to other groups of organisms.

  2. Contributions to industry or the community of an economic or social nature from applied entomology.

  3. Contributions to teaching, training, extension and popularizing entomology.  The development of novel teaching and training approaches or methodologies to increase access to information about insects and their roles.

  4. Contributions to the quality of life. Increasing our appreciation of the rich and diverse insect biota, leading to the conservation and management of our shrinking natural world.


Selection Procedures


  1. Nomination 
    Council encourages nominations from all countries.  To nominate either an individual or a small team, please prepare a one-page statement about the candidate(s) outlining why you feel he/she/they should receive a Certificate of Distinction. Obtain or prepare a short CV for this person or team leader, if at all possible.  Obtain at least four seconders for your nomination.  Your nomination should indicate your name, contact details and affiliation (if any).  Similar information should be provided about the person(s) you are nominating.  The nomination should be sent by E-mail to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Council. Nominations are due two clear years before the next International Congress. 

  2. Selection
    The Council will short-list the nominations and ask for further information from the nominators for those persons.  A final list will be chosen from this second list, and the successful candidates will be advised immediately and asked to attend the Congress and present a special lecture on the work.

  3. Awards
    The Certificates will be issued at the Opening Ceremony.  A brief citation will accompany each Certificate and commemorative medal/plaque

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