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Certificates of distinction

The Council for Congresses of Entomology wishes to award Certificates of Distinction at each International Entomological Congress.  These awards are honorary only and carry no monetary or material value.  By awarding these Certificates of Distinction the Council wishes to emphasize the central and continuing importance of entomology in both basic and applied studies, ranging from populations and organisms down to cellular and molecular levels.  Entomology is historically, economically and socially salient to human endeavour.  It continues to be of critical importance to agriculture, forestry, human and animal health, and environmental wellbeing in most countries of the world. Insects have also proven to be excellent models for many fundamental studies in biology.  Members of Council hope, by awarding these certificates, to help inspire and connect all entomologists throughout the world.


On behalf of the Council, we invite all entomologists to nominate colleagues, either as individuals or as teams, for consideration by the Council for these awards in forthcoming Congresses. Successful candidates will be advised prior to the Congress and will be asked to present a special lecture on their work during the Congress.

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